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New blog look!


This week I haven’t been feeling a 100%, so I’ve spent the evenings relaxing at home. This has given me some time to try out new WordPress themes for the blog, but I’m still looking. There are a lot of crappy themes out there – not that I can make a better one myself though :)   Edit: Now I’ve [...]
PHD Comics &copy 2010 Jorge Cham


… probably never read in a published article. I’m not exactly going for a Ph.D., but I’ve been reading a lot of articles the past months, so I found this one from PHD Comics quite nice:
Top 3 searches, web addresses and popular links


Thanks to @oddf, I’m sitting here, listening to NRK P2, where they discuss how Internet changes us, the way we work and the way we think. On that note, I checked out my Google History, and realized that I use Google quite often and I thought I’d share the statistics with you. Top 3 searches: Two of [...]

iPublish goes WordPress MU

I started out with this blog using iPublish‘s own blogging platform and I’ve been using it for over a year now. During this year iPublish has grown very fast, and they’ve had serious issues handling their popularity, something that has resulted in unstable servers and sometimes lack of [...]
Google wave interface

Google Wave tryout

The past two days I've been trying out Google Wave, Google's new collaborative, real-time communation platform. According to Google, "Google Wave is what email would be if it was invented today."
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