Forgetting how to blog

Good times are the sequence of moments

Good times are the sequence of moments (CC by-nc-nd 2.0)

It’s been such a long time since I last wrote a blog post, so long that I think I’ve completely forgot how to do it.

A lot has of course happened since last time, but I’ll limit myself to telling about the the three main things that’s happened the past couple of weeks.

Weekend 41:
Fadia and Malena visisted Synnøve, Kristian and me here in Trondheim. We had a great time – good food, hiking and general fun! We also saw “Up!”, the new Pixar animation film. One to watch! No kidding. An absolutely awesome film!

Weekend 42:
Cate visiting (still visiting Synnøve, Kristian and me)! We attended Trønderfest (Trønder party – people from the region are called Trønder’s). I definitely had a fun time – we all did!

That’s the short version of our fun, now I’ll complain a bit: My back hurts! I managed to “dislocate” it (feels like it) during the weekend with Fadia and Malena, so it’s been slow weeks. I’m hoping it’ll all be better soon.

School summary:
Project is progressing, the same goes for the Spanish and Nanomaterial classes too!


Transfer to a new platform

iPublish has recently been transfering their system from their self-developed iPublish platform to the better and more reliable WordPress platform.

I’ve made sure my place in cyberspace is taken by creating my account. Additionally I’ll try to merge my old Abroad blog into this, fresh new blog.

It seems that iPublish need a bit of time to do the transfer, but I’m confident that they’ll succeed eventually.

Until then, bear with us and I’ll see you all on the flip side!


I'm an IX09 Nominee
I just got back from the first three quarters of the DELF B2 test (French) and found a pleasent commentary on the blog:

My blog has been nominated in‘s Best International Exchange and Experience blog 2009 award!

I’m right in the middle of the final 24 hours of this years multidiciplinary project, so I am running short on time, so I’ll leave you to it:

“Åsmund Abroad”

You can vote several times :P

Thank you very much for voting, this will be fun!