The indoor beach volley ball season is on. Yesterday I had my first practice at Abox, an indoor beach volley ball hall near Oslo. It was great fun, the group is really good. However, the sand at Abox is very different from outdoor sand, being a lot deeper. Basically you don’t jump nearly as high as you are used to, so you have to adjust your timing – which isn’t easy.



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Friday, thirteen colleagues left early from work and headed for Rondane, roughly 4,5 hours by car from Oslo. The car I was in left Oslo at 14:45 and got well stuck in the E6 road works and we didn’t get to Spranget (near Rondvassbu, the cabin where we were going) until 22:15. About an hour of hiking later we were at Rondvassbu and happy to have arrived!

Saturday we headed off at 10:30 towards Veslesmeden (Little blacksmith), a top of 2015 metres above sea level. We all got there quite easily. Me and three others then took the alternative return route over Storesmeden (Big blacksmith), reaching 2016 metres above sea level. Only four of us took the trip as it looked quite challenging from the Veslesmeden peak, but in fact it was quite ok.

We got back at 17:30, had a beer before Tarjei, Greg and I had a swim in the Rondvatnet lake – we had to follow up on Espen, Egil, Bjarte and Marius who had all gone for a swim when they returned from Veslesmeden. We all decided the water was at a single digit temperature, pretty refreshing :)

Sunday we went for Storronden, 2138 metres above sea level. We completed the trip in a shade over four hours. It was pretty windy and cold at the top! Then we spent about an hour back to Spranget, where the car was parked and started on our return road trip to Oslo.

To summarize, a great weekend with great people, awesome nature and pretty decent weather!


Photo: Bruce A. Stockwell (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

By random, a friend of mine that I played indoor with in Trondheim texted me today and asked if I wanted to play with his team today. Sure, why not. So at 19:30 we met at Ekeberghallen and I played my first indoor match in over two and a half years. Great fun! And, we beat Posten in a close game, ending 16-14 in the fifth set!


Possibly a perfect drive. At least a spectacular view!

I’ve played 36 holes of golf this season (and it’s only the beginning of September)!

Yesterday I played 9 holes with Egil, a colleague, at Grini Golfklubb near Oslo. We played match play where the one who used the least strokes on each hole, won it.

Egil is on paper better than me, but I’ve played a couple of times this season already, which must be taken into consideration. We both played well, and personally I’m very happy with how both irons and woods worked. I had several good drives, one where I hit 230 meters uphill.

It was a fun afternoon, we headed out straight from work, and in the end the match play ended with a draw, 4-4.


Blueberries near Råbjørnhytta!

After a week of feeling not so great, I woke up Saturday morning and felt alot better. That was great, because I was invited to go with Eirin, Benny and Malin on a cabin trip. We left around 12 o’clock and was at the cabin around 1 o’clock. The plan was to go for a 3 hour hike, but since Eirin, who was the trip organizer, also wasn’t 100%, we drove a lot furhter, ending up with only a 25 minute walk to the “Råbjørnhytta” cabin.

After getting there we had a small trip, finding surprisingly many blueberries, despite the late fall. We barbecued a great beef and  vegetables on the grill, had cheese with wine and biscuits. On Sunday we packed out of Råbjørnhytta and went on a round trip through Engelsdalsetra (?), where we had lunch and some more blueberries.

Now, back in Oslo, I’m looking back into one of my childhood memories, I’m watching Disney’s fantastic movie Aladdin!