Two packets in the mail

As reported earlier, I purchased a GoPro Hero 2 basically as a hunch. It arrived a few days ago, but I haven’t really had time to test it out. So to break into video making, I used the GoPro head strap to film the opening of the iPhone 5 cover that arrived today.

In the future I plan to take the GoPro climbing, it should be cool I think :)

This post originally had a video, but I deleted it on Vimeo due to some account issues. Sorry about that.


The Hero 2 impulse

The GoPro Hero 2 HD camcorder

I got home from beach volley practice last night and saw a deal on the GoPro Hero 2 + wifi kit bundle. I’m sad to say I was very affected by the commercial I saw and _had_ to buy the kit. I also bought the GoPro tripod adapter so that I can mount it on a monopod. (Looking at the Xshot Pro or Xshot 2)

A GoPro Hero 2 video:

While waiting

The new iPhone case (Photo: society6)

Still waiting for the new phone. Yesterday I took measures to get the darn phone protected by buying an iPhone case. I ended up buying a case, which is really protective, but I’m starting to think I should’ve bought skins instead (adhesive material of thin silicone).

Since it’s still more than three weeks until I get my phone, I’ll have plenty of time to change my mind.

Waiting for my new phone

Waiting for my iPhone 5 (Photo: Apple)

The iPhone 5 got released for orders in Norway today, and as planned (in secrecy’ish), I ordered myself a version. I’m going black, all in! All in is ~64 GB these days.

Looking forward to it! (and I’ll continue to look forward to it the next 3-4 weeks, when it arrives)

PS. Totally unrelated: I did a crazy choice and used a non-capitalized title. Will it float?


Phhh. I really should go to bed, but time is running by. I should do a lot of stuff, but I’m not because “it’s so late”. Did however meet a very good friend I don’t see often enough. We made a really good dinner (enough for lunch tomorrow!) and saw the amazing film “As it is in Heaven” (“Så som i himmelen”, Swedish) from 2004. Absolutely fantastic film!

Maybe I should go to sleep.

PS. The “featured” photo used in this post is of me in France in 2008. Found it by random.