Another short post, this time with a great video I came across through Remi Allegre on Twitter. It a very neatly made presentation video about what really moticates us at home and in the workplace. It’s a talk by Dan Pink at the RSA, and is really worth a look!



I think that’s how it’s spelled, the name of the Icelandic volcano that has caused problems for European airtraffic the past month. Anyways, I came across a pretty neat time-lapse video of Eyjaf… the volcano. You can see it here or in HD if you click your way to Vimeo.


Not much happening here these days, not on the blog anyways. Life in general goes as it should. Many hours spent at school trying to get those tiny nanowires to give me a decent result. No luck so far, but we’re still trying!

The day before yesterday I decided to start up my own, personal Wiki – that is a Wikipedia-like page where I can make articles of stuff that I am likely to need at a later point and that (I for sure) will then have forgotten. Mostly, such things are related to programming, but other stuff might as well be added. The Wiki’s name is SamleWiki, or CollectWiki by rough translation.

I was in Turkey for a week, but haven’t had the time, nor energy to upload any images, so I’ll have to postpone that to a later time. Nonetheless, beachvolley season is right around the corner, hopefully already tomorrow!


I just came across this one on the interweb, through a good friend of mine, Claire. It originates from xkcd.com. I find it a little funny, being an electrical engineer and all:


I would simply like to share with you some funny Youtube parodies I came across yesterday. They worked as a medicine for my bad project day yesterday, when all of my samples got ruined due to a gold thinfilm that wouldn’t lift-off as it should. Anyways, here’s a few videos, I hope you like them too!

The first, a friend of mine, Tarjei, posted on Facebook. Andreas found the second after I showed him the first.