This weekend I visited my dad in Linlithgow, not far from Edinburgh. I landed at Edinburgh airport and my dad picked me up.

Saturday we went to the local driving range and hit some balls before we took the train to Edinburgh. We strolled around in the old town, and along the Royal Mile. There we saw a great street artist, a hilarious magician who really impressed us.

We had a couple of beer (both ale) at The Filling station before we returned to Linlithgow. There we went out for dinner at a praised fish restaurant, but it wasn’t very impressive. The food “never” arrived, and when it did, it wasn’t up to par. We were both quite disappointed. The manager excused himself and invited my dad back another time to make up for the bad impression they’d made.

We then had a beer at The four Marys, a great local pub. Great atmosphere!

Sunday, we played a round of golf at the Linlithgow golf course, a really scenic course, which made our mediocre golf a secondary thing :)

The weekend ended all too fast and I returned to Oslo late Sunday night.

A narrow alley in Edinburgh, just next to The royal Mile

Waiting for the train to Linlithgow



Last weekend I borrowed my grandma’s car and drove to our cabin, about an hour north of Lillehammer. My parents came up Saturday afternoon with my uncle. We celebrated my dad’s 54th birthday with buns, cake and good wine!

I went for a hike on Saturday and went for a swim in one of the mountain lakes. It was cold, but really refreshing! My left knee isn’t great these days, after I hurt it during beach volleyball practice, so both the Saturday trip and the trip on Sunday were quite short. But enjoyable!

Before my parents arrived at the cabin, they sent my younger sister of to Germany for a year as an AFS student. You can read about her experiences on her blog (in Norwegian)!


The past few days, I’ve been with Tom in Moss, a small village near Wrexham in Wales. We’ve planned the upcoming South Africa trip, played with ther puppy dog Rosie and played some golf. It’s been great.

We also paid Chester a visit, one of the oldest Roman cities in Great Britain. We got to see some sights and I bought myself some proper golfing clothes (trousers and polos) so that I will be allowed entrance in South Africa. Tomorrow we leave for London and the day after tomorrow, the trip to South Africa will finally begin!

Below you see a couple of shots taken with my phone (and the very cool Hipstamatic app).

The clouds making shadows between Oslo and Manchester.

Rosie playing in the bushes.

BBQ with Tom’s friends. Here: Matt, temporarily playing BBQ chef – Matrix style.