I feel that I’m doing a lot in my everyday life – at least I don’t feel I have a lot of spare time. That said, a lot of what I do is my hobby, playing beach volley – but I don’t make time for a lot of other stuff.

Last Saturday, Oslo Sandvolleyballklubb had a great costume tournament at Voldsløkka, where I attended with 7 others in team *INSYNC, the synchronous volley team. It was great fun, but marked the beginning of the end of this summer’s outdoor beachvolley season.

The season isn’t over, the last OSVB Challenger tournament will be on September 14-16th with lots of great tournaments, but I figured it’s time to find new stuff to do. So what to do?

Well, a couple of friends invited me to go climbing about a week ago – and it was awesome! So I’m planning to spend the winter season climbing! In addition, I’m going to try to keep this little blog alive. The plan is to write short, but frequent updates about my doings. Simply because it’s a bit fun :)

Last, I’m hoping to get back into a more regular workout routine, culminating in the cross country skiing season which starts in December or January :)

So, that’s the plan. Stay tuned to see whether I’m able to complete my spare time efforts :)



Beach volley (Photo: jean-louis-breisach CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Oslo is a great city to live in, now I’ve lived here for soon to be two years, and I’m liking the city more and more. Especially since I’ve gotten a part of the great club OSVBK (Oslo Beach Volley Club), where there’s lots and lots of great people who want to play beach, chill and have fun.

After two injuries the past two years, the last forcing me to do surgery on my right shoulder in February, I’m finally back playing 95%! The last 5% are basically a mental thing as I am still scared of doing full extension with my right arm.

I feel I proved that I’m getting back where I should be (playing good beach volley and having fun at the same time), when I today won the OSVBK Challenger B tournament with Håkon. We had a really crappy game in the group play and lost one match, but apart from that we only lost one set against Arrun and Kjartan in the finals!

If you’re interested, take a look at OSVBK’s homepage,!


My good friend Andreas and I have a summer project called “Extreme Summer Challenge”, and this week we went and did this year’s project, sky diving. We headed for Jarlsberg Airport in Tønsberg, Norway and did a jump each. It was epic fun! Now we’re wondering what we should do next year.

Hopefully, we’ll add the video soon …


My friends, the sling and Mr. Squeezy.

A short update because I don’t feel like ironing any more shirts. It’s Sunday and I’ve passed the halfway mark of my “arm in a sling” era. On March 21st I can start to stop using the sling. Yay!


Last week two major events happened, and I did a lot of new stuff for the first time.

Firstly, I completed my first crosscountry skiing race. Along with some 3500 others I completed the 54.5 km Holmenkollen Ski Marathon. I did it in 4:13:25, which was considerably better than the 4:30:00 I was aiming for!


Secondly, I installed my first fireplace in my apartment, now I have one in the livingroom and one in the kitchen (the new one).

Thirdly, I got hospitalized to get some surgery done on my shoulder – also a first (beach volley seems to take its toll on me). Now I have to wear a sling for four more weeks (5 in total). I am currently on sick leave, but will luckily be back fulltime on Tuesday already. After a week and a half with a sling I’ve realized the benefits of having two arms …