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iPublish has recently been transfering their system from their self-developed iPublish platform to the better and more reliable WordPress platform.

I’ve made sure my place in cyberspace is taken by creating my account. Additionally I’ll try to merge my old Abroad blog into this, fresh new blog.

It seems that iPublish need a bit of time to do the transfer, but I’m confident that they’ll succeed eventually.

Until then, bear with us and I’ll see you all on the flip side!



Dag 2 starter braDag 2 starter bra. Photo from a trip across the Hardanger plane, Easter 2007

The first week in Trondheim has been a hectic one, but great. First of all I have an announcement:

I’m in love with volleyball!

I had three practices last week (NTNUI tryouts) and will have three this week. Since Friday’s practice I’ve been eagerly waiting to get going on the next one! This week’s practices is my last chance to show NTNUI that I’m good enough to play for them (I really hope I am)!

ISU (International Stutent’s Union) in Trondheim have a program where Norwegian and international students can sign up to be buddies. The point of this Buddy programme is for the exchange students to have a Norwegian student who can help them and introduce them to Norway and its culture, take them to parties and for both to have in general!

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and the first exchange student I was appointed isn’t arriving until the second semester (January) so I found (literally) myself another one at volley practice – Narcís from Spain.

Last Saturday it was a big ISU Buddy party at Rick’s in Trondheim where we all had a great time and yesterday Narcís and I had a coffee at Dromedar coffee bar in Nordre. So far Narcís seems like a really cool guy and I expect to have a lot of fun with him in the coming semester/year!

Before volley practice tonight, I’ve invited Narcís over for a good Norwegian meal: “Kjøttkaker i brun saus med poteter og kokte gulrøtter” (Meatballs in brown sauce with potatoes and carrots). Any suggestions for other Norwegian meals I can offer?

The picture in this post might seem a bit random, but it has a story. It’s a shot I took during an Easter trip a couple of years ago, a trip that brings back lots of memories – a very good trip where the weather was perfect all the way! You can see it published on my Flickr account :)

Back in Trondheim

Nidelva by eivinsiNidelva in Trondheim (Photo: Eivind S. Simonsen © All rights reserved)

It’s over a year since I left Trondheim, my university city in Norway.

The year has been great (as this blog proves) and I’ve met loads of new, kind, cool and awesome people abroad and I’ve been able to travel a lot, both in France and in Europe. It has been a great experience!

That said, it’s also nice to be back too.

It’s cool to meet old friends again, to get back to “my” apartment (I rent it) and to be back with my apartment mates Ellen and Andreas.

I’ve spent the past two months mainly in Oslo, where I’ve lived at Kringsjå student housing. I haven’t felt properly at home, a bit too institutionalized. Even though I’ve just got back to Trondheim and my life is still in a set of boxes in the attic, I still feel at home, relaxed and excited about the semester and school year to come.

Here’s my initial plan for this fall:

– Get into NTNUI volleyball team, probably team 2 or 3 (tryouts this Wednesday, wish me luck!)
– Start working out (jogging and iron pumping, you know ..)
– Be a “parrain” for a foreign student (I’ve already signed up, but don’t know what’s happening).
– Save money for traveling (must travel more!)


Just got back from a “salary beer” session with people from work. It was good fun, but the beer in Norway is too expensive (246NOK for 3 pints, you do the math).

I’ve spent a lot of money, probably way too much money, but most of it is not on beer.

I’ve spent money somewhere else, but for what? What will I get?

I will get loads of technology placed into a tiny tiny box. I’ve ordered myself a new cell phone, and I’ve gone the full mile while doing so.

It’s Samsung’s new Omnia HD (or I8910 if you prefer) that is coming my way. I’m super excited, the spec. list is endless, but most important is the built-in camera, something I’ve missed for a long time (I’ve only had a SLR camera, something you don’t bring everywhere).

I suspect the phone to be in my posetion early sometime next week!

I’m also excited about returning to Skien once again, it was awesome last weekend, but not enough time. I’ve planned to visit a few friends, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them again! Additionally I hope to squeeze in a few beach volley sessions with Marte and the others! Good times coming up!

I’ve also noticed the “Anbefal” link below every post. For those of you not quite there in Norwegian, “Anbefal” means “Recommend”, that is, click the damn thing if you like the post (or if you like me).


My inverted blogging continues and I’ve now arrived to the Roskilde Music Festival 2009 – June 28th to July 5th.

Cate, Geir and me arrived in Copenhagen the 25th of June. We stayed at Nina’s where Johannes and Anna-Mari also cutched for a few days.

Copenhagen is truly beautiful and we saw the little murmade, the opera and even got to see a very good Veto concert in Tivoli!

After some good days in Copenhagen we packed our bags and headed for Roskilde Saturday night (big thanks to Nina for such great preparations). The official opening of the festival is Sunday at 8 o’clock, but the fences are normally cut down a few hours in advance. We figured arriving at midnight would give us enough time to prepare for the running to get an ok camp.

Sunday night: Coffee and Irish cream (Feeney’s)

This year it was all different – the fences were cut 9 o’clock Saturday night and the camping site was practically full when we got there. We managed to squeeze ourselves into a spot in J camp, as far away from the festival area as you can get. We got the tent up in the dark and were pleased to have a slot!

Left: Beer system. Right: Happy people in our camp.

Sunday we got our camp properly together and chilled out by the tent. We did this most of the four first days, but we also listened to some of the up-and-coming bands at the Junior Pavillion.

Festival life is good!

The big names started Thursday. Kanye West did a good concert, as did Trentemøller and his friends (great show), but my absolute Thursday favourite was the danish rock band Volbeat!

No Roskilde without Tuborg beer

Friday we saw a really good concert with Negash Ali, we got disappointed by the Fleet foxes but re-energized by Baddies.

One of the main names Friday was Oasis, that we saw earlier this year in Toulouse. This time it was a lot better (a good crowd too makes a good concert)!!! We got to see Röyksopp too – but it was too crowded as they played on a stage that was too small in my opinion (Arena).


Saturday was a great day. We saw Lily Allen, Tim Christensen, Håkan Hellström, Slipknot and Petshop Boy.

The crowd at Gogol Bordello – best concert ever!

The American rapper Lil Wayne was supposed to have a gig on Orange stage, but cancelled and he got replaced by Gogol Bordello!
The ground shook underneath the thousands (20-25k) that jumped to their Balkan inspired punk music!

Gogol Bordello!!!

The last and final day we got to see Peter Doherty, Ida Maria (I like you so much better when …!), a bit of Madness and Coldplay. In my opinion, Coldplay was beaten by Whitest boy alive, who had a super concert in Arena.

I realize that this isn’t the best post ever, all I’ve done is to mention some of the bands we got to see – but hey, that’s what a festival is all about – the music and the bands!

We got on the train straight after the Coldplay concert and returned to Copenhagen. The following day I flew to Oslo and work :)

A heavy duty backpack in the chaos (bad organisation at the train station)

Roskilde is without a doubt my best music experience ever!