Who is Åsmund?

Who is Åsmund?

I’m a graduate from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. I studied Electronics, and I’m currently working in Oslo.


Since I was young, I’ve enjoyed making homepages – designing and coding them, but I never had the spirit to fill my homepages with anything useful.

Fall 2008 I left Norway for an exchange year at INSA Toulouse in France and I started filling a homepage with content, this blog came to life. Contrary to previous homepage/blog projects, I didn’t code the functionality on my own this time.

I started out with Thomas Moen’s blog platform iPublish and stuck with it until iPublish transferred to the more performant WordPress MU platform.

Now I’m over on my own server, still using WordPress.


Of course, computing and webdesign are importent interests of mine. Luckily I also have other interests outside the inches of my computer screen.
I play beachvolley during summer and I’m actively involved with Oslo Beachvolley ball Club. When not playing volleyball, working or sleeping, I prefer to hang out with my friends. I might also read on my Kindle, or play a tune or two on my old classical guitar.


I have to make a separate paragraph for photography since it’s a very important hobby of mine. I spend lots of time playing around with my digital SLR camera (Canon EOS 400D).

You can find my photos on my Flickr page, where I upload my favourite pictures. Friends of mine can see many of my pictures on Facebook.


  • Canon kit lens 18-55mm (f3.5-5.6)
  • Sigma 10-20mm (f4.5-5.6)
  • Fisheye converter lens
My Canon EOS 400d

My Canon EOS 400d