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The indoor beach volley ball season is on. Yesterday I had my first practice at Abox, an indoor beach volley ball hall near Oslo. It was great fun, the group is really good. However, the sand at Abox is very different from outdoor sand, being a lot deeper. Basically you don’t jump nearly as high as you are used to, so you have to adjust your timing – which isn’t easy.


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  1. Jim,This probably vaires depending on the level of your team. Typically the younger the team, the further off the net you will want their passes and digs. As teams get older (and hopefully better), your perfect pass definition could change.A perfect perfect pass in our gym would be 3-4 feet off the net, and 15-20 feet high. For digging, we are always happy with 20 by 10 at all levels. I hope this helps. Mike WallGMS

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