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Blueberries near Råbjørnhytta!

After a week of feeling not so great, I woke up Saturday morning and felt alot better. That was great, because I was invited to go with Eirin, Benny and Malin on a cabin trip. We left around 12 o’clock and was at the cabin around 1 o’clock. The plan was to go for a 3 hour hike, but since Eirin, who was the trip organizer, also wasn’t 100%, we drove a lot furhter, ending up with only a 25 minute walk to the “Råbjørnhytta” cabin.

After getting there we had a small trip, finding surprisingly many blueberries, despite the late fall. We barbecued a great beef and  vegetables on the grill, had cheese with wine and biscuits. On Sunday we packed out of Råbjørnhytta and went on a round trip through Engelsdalsetra (?), where we had lunch and some more blueberries.

Now, back in Oslo, I’m looking back into one of my childhood memories, I’m watching Disney’s fantastic movie Aladdin!


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