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Beach volley (Photo: jean-louis-breisach CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Oslo is a great city to live in, now I’ve lived here for soon to be two years, and I’m liking the city more and more. Especially since I’ve gotten a part of the great club OSVBK (Oslo Beach Volley Club), where there’s lots and lots of great people who want to play beach, chill and have fun.

After two injuries the past two years, the last forcing me to do surgery on my right shoulder in February, I’m finally back playing 95%! The last 5% are basically a mental thing as I am still scared of doing full extension with my right arm.

I feel I proved that I’m getting back where I should be (playing good beach volley and having fun at the same time), when I today won the OSVBK Challenger B tournament with Håkon. We had a really crappy game in the group play and lost one match, but apart from that we only lost one set against Arrun and Kjartan in the finals!

If you’re interested, take a look at OSVBK’s homepage,!


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