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2010: IT WAS FUN !

January: Bad Gastein

It’s my last day of Christmas holiday today, before I return to a few of days of work until New Year’s is upon us. I thought I should recapitualte a bit and try to summarize my 2010.

May: Beachcamp

So what have I been up to? The year started out with a fantastic trip to Bad Gastein in the Austrian Alps. A large group of friends enjoyed a week of skiing and snowboarding. A bit more snow would be preferred, but we still had a great time!

Practically the entire spring was spent on my Master’s thesis, but I had time for a week at Beachcamp Turkey 2010. That was an amazing week where I learned a lot and got to play tons of beachvolley!

After a month and a half of thesis marathon finish in May and June I handed in my thesis on July 5th, two days before the deadline! Summer holiday was coming. One of the first things I did, beside relaxing and playing beachvolley, was to join Andreas to Rjukan, where we bungy jumped off the Rjukan bridge (83m). Awesome!

August: South Africa

For three weeks during the summer holiday, I was in South Africa with Tom (after the World Cup, but close enough to get some of the spirit). We had a great stay in Knysna at Tom’s aunt, a magnificent many golf rounds at beautiful courses and a fun road trip through Stellenbosch and Cape Town, among other places. We even dipped our toes in both the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean (on the same day)! Still, the most amazing experience throughout these three weeks is probably a tie between bungy jumping off the Bloukranz bridge (216m) and safari at the Pumba Private Game reserve. Very different experiences, but both of them mind blowing!

In late August, I started my career as a working man, and the autumn months have mostly been about getting settled in a new city and to learn as much as possible in my new job. It’s difficult, but very exciting! It’s been a busy couple of months, also outside work, with things to do almost every weekend. One of the best was probably the weekend in Scotland, where I visited my father. Scotland is beautiful and has without a doubt many great places to play golf!

Another thing to mention for 2010, which unfortunately has been a significant event, is my knee injury. A couple of weeks after starting to play organized beachvolley in Oslo, an old injury revitalized itself and made it impossible to play beachvolley. I was bothered by the knee for a couple of months (due to some loose pieces of cartillage), but on December 8th I was scheduled for surgery and got them removed. I’m still not fully recovered, but progress is easy to spot!

Now, on December 28th, I think it’s fair to say that it’s been a great year and I really look forward to 2011!


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