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The weekend is already over, it’s incredible how fast the days have past!

My dad works in Scotland these days, so left for Skien to after work Friday to visit my mother. Straight from the train we went for a quick tapas dinner before we saw the Frikar dance show at Ibsenhuset. The show was a great mix of different traditional Norwegian dances, impressively stitched together to an hourlong show. Back home we enjoyed shrimps for a late meal.

Saturday we spent most of the day shopping, I bought myself new shoes, a suitcase and some guitar related items :) The same night we saw the Norwegian movie “The Troll Hunter”, a mockumentary about the troll hunter Hans and his government job to control and kill the Norwegian trolls causing trouble. The movie was absolutely fantastic, a MUST SEE this fall (it’s coming to European and US movie theaters in 2011)!

Today, Sunday, we went hiking not too far from my parent’s house, down to the Norsjø lake. My mother is watching some friends’ dog, so we were accompanied by two dogs. A very nice trip!

Now I’m on the train, ready for a new week of work. I’ll be most of the week in Trondheim for work, but will have the Friday and weekend there to visit friends. I’m really looking forward to that!


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