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Thanks to @oddf, I’m sitting here, listening to NRK P2, where they discuss how Internet changes us, the way we work and the way we think.

On that note, I checked out my Google History, and realized that I use Google quite often and I thought I’d share the statistics with you.

Top 3 searches:

Top 3 searches, web addresses and popular links the past year.

Two of the three top links belong to my project, where I use TeXnicCenter to write my reports, and I work a lot at NTNU Nanolab. PHP is an interest of mine, and will probably stay on top of the list for quite some time :)

I’m pretty happy with the centre column, topped by the English and Norwegian Wikipedia. reaches third thanks to my Radionette Menuett HTPC, running Ubuntu (lots to learn for year long Windows user).

The third column is also related to my HTPC and my project (LaTeX).

Daily and hourly search statistics:

Weekly search statistics

The weekly trend is that I’m quite “search happy” Monday through Thursday, while I do a little less searching during Friday and Saturday.

On the hourly chart, I guess I can say that for the most part, I go to bed before midnight. Further I seem to stop searching around 17-18 (maybe dinnertime), but I start again in the evening).

So what does this tell me?

To be honest, it was a bit scary to see how much I actually use Google. However, I found it quite interesting, and it relates well to my feeling of what I look up on the internet.

Hourly search statistics


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