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iTunesA short update on what happened with my music, that got stolen by Apple during synchronization.

I would like to give Apple credits for their swift action to correct the problem. Only a few hours after I reported the problem, I received a mail stating that the orders that had disappeared could now be redownloaded to my library. Great!

One thing though: In the mail I sent Apple I wrote that four orders had been deleted during sync. However,  I managed to write down one of the orders number twice, thus I was only able to re-download three orders.  My bad of course, but I wrote another mail including the final order.

What I find odd is the reply I received this time. I was told the money I had paid for the order would be refunded and that I should re-buy the music in iTunes Store. Fair enough, but why couldn’t I just download this as I had done with the other orders? Beats me …

The important thing is however that I now possess of the music I’ve bought. Time for a backup.


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