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I have an iPhone, thus I use iTunes to sync music between my iPhone and my music library. My music library is located on my external harddrive. Now I’m utterly pissed because Apple has stolen music I’ve bought worth 500NOK (60EUR).

The other day I formatted my computer, installed iTunes, imported my music library from my harddrive and connected my iPhone (as I’ve done many times before). New this time was that I had bought songs using the iPhone that weren’t on my external harddrive.

When I connected the phone to the computer iTunes started synchronizing. It told me I had purchased items on my iPhone that weren’t in my library and asked if I wanted to copy the items to the library. Yes, I would like that.

However, iTunes decided the songs I had purchased weren’t worth keeping and didn’t synchronize them to my library and deleted them from my iPhone! All the apps on the other hand, got synchronized without any problems.

After going through my receipts, I’ve found out that iTunes deleted 6 albums from my collection, all bought with my iPhone.

The issue is of course that I, according to iTunes Terms of Sale, am only allowed to download the music I’ve bought once.

Going to Apple Support online was no use what so ever, as it suggested I should use Windows search to locate the missing files. Give me a chance to copy the music to my harddrive and I’ll be perfectly capable to find it!

I have reported the problem to Apple and will let you know what happends. In the meantime I’ll have to live without that great music!


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  1. God grunn til ikke å velge Apple. Men jeg til og med dem hadde fjernet DRM? Uansett, jeg holder meg til piratkopiert musikk, så jeg slipper disse problemene. Så kjøper jeg heller fysiske kopier av det jeg liker.

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