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Joao, Geir, Roberto, Kristofer, Cate and I in Marseilles

Joao, Geir, Roberto, Kristofer, Cate and I in Marseilles

I’ve been waiting for time to post the images and stories from the winter holiday and finally I have found the time. I’m sitting outside in the Tolulouse waiting for my laundry to finish – perfect conditions for blogging!

So I’m moving back in time, to February 18th 2009, 6 o’clock in the morning at the metro station Faculté de Pharmacie where Geir, Cate, Joao, Roberto, Kristofer and I are dead tired, but ready for the winter holiday. We’re going to visit the south west coast of France visiting Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon and Nîmes.

Ready for departure (Geir, Kristofer, Cate, Roberto and Joao)

We got to Marseilles around 11h30 and found Hostel Vertigo right away, it was really close to the train station. It was an awesome place, really cool atmosphere and nice rooms!

We got a map of the city and started exploring!

Does anybody see a big monument around here so we know where we are?

Since we only had one day in Marseilles, we figured the most effective way to get around was to take “Trains Tour”, showing us Marseilles and bringing us all the way up to Notre Dame de la garde – the church that overlooks Marseilles. We were a bit unlucky and only got 25 minutes at Notre Dame – we’re hyper tourists doing Marseilles!

We also got to see the old quarter (ok), la Vieille charité (disappointment) and La cathédrale (nice outside, too dark inside).

We went back to Les Quais, where we ate lunch when we came to Marseilles and ate proper French food …

No excuse for this in France, but it tasted very good!

We tried to find Musée du vieux ville (The “Old City Museum”) twice, but it didn’t seem to exist. None of the Marseillans we asked had heard about it. We ended the day with a visit to Palais de Longchamps before returning to the hostel.

There we ate good microwave heated spaghetti (the didn’t have hot plates in the hostel). We met three American girls that joined us in the search for a place to party. Epic fail! The only place we found was the Irish pub O’Malley’s. OK, but not exactly what we were looking for.

In bed 1h30, hopefully ready for the second day of the winter holiday!


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