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The first week of this year’s two week Easter holiday is over. I’ve had a great week in the French Alps, more specifically in Risoul.

The short story of the week is as follows:
The bus picked us up at 23h on Friday 3rd of April. I got food poisoned by something I ate the same day and puked three times during the bus ride (9 hours), the first time after 5 minutes of driving. Great start.

The slopes were good, but the snow a bit slushy in the afternoons. We had grouped ourselves in dinner teams and it worked perfectly, good an varied food each day!

Geir got sick after 2 days with high fever and only got four days of skiing, Nina caught his fever the two last days. I sprained my ankle during snow football (which we won by the way) and missed one day of snowboarding. A bit of tape and snowboard boots stabilized the foot enough after the first day.

All in all we were a bit unlucky, but it was still a great trip. I’ve learned to do goofy and 180s properly, but I’m still struggeling with 360s. We’ve done a lot of off piste, amazing fun!

Next up this Easter is the Road trip to Spain!

The apartment for four (Nina, Cate and my head)

The dinner teams made great food! (Roberto, Synnøve, Kristofer, Tom, Cate, Geir and Nina)

View from our apartment (HDR image)

Beto won the jumping contest

Lluís with a big grab

Friday we had a common 4th floor dinner in the corridor!

Kristian attacking a steep off piste hill


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