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Day 1 – Saterday 25th of October:
Six of us set of Monday morning from Toulouse to Bordeaux. Juha (fin) managed to forget his 12-25 card (French railroad youth card) and almost managed to miss the train (really close!). We arrived in Bordeaux around 11 o’clock at Saint Jean train station.

We then found out that we had forgot to print out the directions to our hostel. No worries though, we eventually got there. On our way we saw Place Victoire and the shopping street Rue Sainte Catherine. We finally found the hostel after walking a couple of kilometers later.

The hostel was situated in Rue Hugueri, a nice little hostel with double rooms. The girls took one room, the boys the other two. After leaving the luggage, we went to explore the city. The hostel was really close to most of Bordeax, a great base for our stay!

First we saw the Monument aux Girondins and and Esplanade des Quinconces (where there was a huge Carneval which we visited later the same night!).

Monument aux Girondins

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Bordeaux is Miroir d’eau in front of Place de Bourse. Miroir d’eau is a 3 cm thick layer of water, making it a mirror that beautifully reflects the surrounding buildings!

Miroir d’eau while spraying out mist

At night at the carneval we tried all the cool rides. I tasted Churros (fried waffle dough) for the first time, very tasty!

Day 2 – Sunday 26th:
We got up early, nine o’clock and went to Parc Public to eat breakfast. Our breakfasts during this holiday was baguettes with jam and cheese. A bit cold, but very “huggely” (“Def”: Nice atmosphere with good company). We dropped by a botanical garden before heading for one of the city’s Notre dame church. There we encountered a celebration of the new wine (fête du nouveau vin) with marked selling antiques and live bands playing in the street. A great experience! I bought a bottle of the nouveau wine. The wine was consumed along with a pineapple (bought earlier the same day on the border walk marked) in front of miroir d’eau.

“Nouveau vin” and pineapple

Mr. Cool and his helpers after wine

After this delicious lunch we headed for the bell tower of the Saint-André cathedral, Tour Pey-Berland. We did all the 231 steps to the top. Juha also joined, conquering his fear of heights – Impressive!

Saint-André seen from the Tour Pey-Berland

Geir, Tom, me, Nina and Cate from the top

We then got a short look at the Grosse Cloche (a part of the old city wall ) on our way to the Saint Michel cathedral. Unfortunately the cathedral was a disappointment compared to the other churches and cathedrals we’ve seen.

We had some wine and crisps in the room before we ate on a restaurant. Cheap, three dishes for 12,50€, but I wasn’t impressed by the food. I ordered Magret de canard (duck) and got it served with fries and about 16cm^2 of salad. Not impressing, even the waiter disappointed – a more nonchalant person is hard to find. Before we went home I got to take the following picture:

Day 3 – Monday 27th:
Rise and shine at nine o’clock. We met 9h45 to buy baguettes for breakfast. Both Geir and I suffered from major mosquito bites during the past nights. Itchy.

We packed our bags to head for Paris – TGV! We ate the breakfast in front of Monument aux Girondins – partly covered from the rain by some huge trees. Took the Bordeaux tram to the Saint. Jean train station. We got there well before departure to make lunch baguettes for the trip.

Making sandwiches

Then we figured that we were 2,5 hours early due to daylight saving that changed between day 1 and 2. Yey …

TGV = Speedy Gonzales

After three hours on the TGV we were in Paris! More about our stay in Paris in the next post!


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